ICC Georgia Discount Card 2014 Contributors*

In order to receive the discounted services from the listed companies the card needs to be present and showed to the cashier or any other billing operator of the company who has participated as the discount contributor.


Name of the Company


Business Catalogue


15 % discount on access to Business Catalogue for every ICC Georgia member company.

*Please contact Miranda Khupenia (MKhupenia@bia.ge) for any inquiries regarding the business catalogue.

Berishvili Law Firm


20% on all provided services.

*For more information please contact ieva.jurgalane@icc.ge

BTM Textile (http://www.btmtextile.com/)

“Brendi” - 10% (Rustaveli Str. No 170,Kobuleti )

“Lotto” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Double Six” -  10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Brendi” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“İnline” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Big Art” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Gonio Brendi” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No18, Batumi)

“Helvachauri Brendi” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Triko MISIRLI” - 10% (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Kigili” - 10%  (Gogebashvili st No 18, Batumi)

“Brendi” - 10% (Daba Helvachauri Agmashenebeli st No 60)

“Brendi” - 10% (Gonio Andria Pirvelcodebuli st No 10)

Forbes Georgia


25% discount on annual Forbes Georgia subscription.

*For discounted subscription form please contact ieva.jurgalane@icc.ge

Holiday Inn


20% discount on one month Gym package with unlimited visits.

*For detailed information please contact info@hi-tbilisi.com



Instead of $1000 only 1000GEL on Privilege Club Membership*.

*The Privilege Club Membership is valid for 6 months, please contact ieva.jurgalane@icc.ge


(http://www.ideahub.ge/ )

20 % discount on the ad placement in “ideahub”

*For detailed information please contact Levan Paitchadze (Mob: 598 780 799, email: levan.paitchadze@gmail.com



20% Discount from Published Rates of Rooms Hotel Kazbegi


*This discount is applicable only from 1st till 31st of March 2014. The interested card holders should call the hotel on +995 322710099 or email: reservation@roomshotel.com and state your ICC card ownership, hotel will provide further information. Please note that the card holder should present his card at the reception when checking in!


1) 30% discount on Hotel Classic (Barnova No.18,)

For reservation please call +995 32 251 280

2) 30% discount on Hotel “Mtskheta Palace” (Mtskheta)

For reservation please call +995 32 251 277 or +995 32 291 02 02



1) 50 % on the 1st phase of one consulting project per company (initial audit and analysis).

2) 10-20% on the rest of the project (discount based on the type of the project).

*For detailed information please contact office@pmcg.ge

Radisson Blu Iveria (http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tbilisi)

1) 15% discount for all F&B outlets (Filini Restaurant, Oxygen Bar & Surface Bar, and Terrace bar).

2) 15% discount for all Anne Semonin Spa products, memberships & treatments.

Rustaveli Holdings (http://rustaveli.com.ge/)

10% discount on advertisement placement in cinema.

*For detailed information please contact sales@rustaveli.com.ge tel: 032 2 555 000

Rustavi 2


Special discount* on advertisement placement on Rustavi2 TV commercials

*Only international companies can apply which have not had ad contract with Rustavi2. For more detailed information please contact Mr. Konstantin Batmanidi (kbatmanidi@rustavi2.com; Tel: 577 741317)

Sheraton Metechi Palace


1) 10% on “Slammers” Lunch.

2) 10% on rooftop restaurant “King Gorgasali” Dinner.

3) 20% on Sheraton Birthday Cakes.

4) 25% on Fitness centre Membership & Daily entrance.

5) 50% discount on Laundry services.

Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant


10% discount on meals and wines

*For more information please contact invest@schuchmann-wines.com


(http://finchannel.com/ )

1) 20 % discount on each second separated ads in The FINANCIAL;

2) 50% off for ICC members who advertise in The FINANCIAL first time. (max duration 3 months);

3) ICC members who buy annual ad space (minimum 8 000 EUR) will get 2 free air tickets to Europe;

*For more details please contact Lali Javakhia, Marketing Director at 577 74 17 00 or email: marketing@financial.ge

Tourism agency BTC

5% off on each second air ticket /flight booked at The FINANCIAL tourism agency BTC.

* For more information upon air tickets booking, prices, etc, please contact Ella Karapetian at sky@sky.ge  or 2 999 662.

The Messenger


50 % till 75% discount on the ad placement in English language daily newspaper The Messenger paper edition.

*For more information please contact ieva.jurgalane@icc.ge

Unique Learning


1) Discount* on Intensive General English Course (3 months course)

2) Discount* on General English Course (2, 3, 4, 6, and 9 months courses are available)

3) Discount* on Business English Course (3 months course)

4) Discount* on Simultaneous Translation Course (3 months course)

*10% for 5-9 students; 15% for 10-14 students; 20% for 15 and more per course.

5) Discount on 9 month General English Course (10% for 5-9 students; 20% for 10-14 students; 25% for 15 and more per course)


* Offers made available through the Discount Card may change from time to time. ICC Georgia members reserve the right to change the offers at any time. ICC Georgia will make commercially reasonable efforts to make appropriate updates to the website to reflect offer and/or sponsor changes. If you become aware of a discontinued offer listed, please notify ICC Georgia by sending an e-mail to info@icc.ge or call to + (995 32) 298 81 76. ICC Georgia undertakes no obligation to provide a replacement or substitute offer for any offer discontinued.

The Card is nontransferable and cannot be shared, therefore is used only by the company’s employee whose name is embossed on the card. In case company or its employees experience problems, loses it or have questions regarding the Discount Card, the company should contact ICC Georgia by sending email to info@icc.ge or call to +(995 32) 298 81 76. The working hours of ICC Georgia are from 10am till 6pm. In case of loss of theft ICC Georgia will charge the replacement fee of 0.55 GEL for each card requested (the same price applies if new card is ordered), but, in addition the company will need to cover the shipping and handling costs incurred when reissuing these Discount Cards.


Date: 05/03/2014

  • Why are we the best Business Organization in Georgia:

    Testimonials from our members:

    “Active, prominent and strong leadership.”

    “First of all, ICC Georgia is great because of its strong leadership. Secondly, ICC Georgia is better than other organizations as it is mostly oriented on developing business in Georgia and not only on making profit. The new idea to help young people in increasing their professionalism is one more proof that ICC Georgia is determined to help the country in its development. ICC Georgia is also promoting business opportunities in Georgia and attracting foreign investors. I am sincerely wishing you much success in your future activities.”

    “1) ICC Georgia’s voice and opinion is taken into consideration;
    2) ICC Georgia’s skills and competences differentiate it from the others as well as its vast local and international channels.”

    “Strong, creative and flexible leadership.”

    “Strong leadership - while other organizations in the country kept silence, ICC Georgia almost never hesitated to speak up about the issues concerning business life in a very brave manner.”

    “1)Strong Strategic Focus on Future Development
    2)Profound Analyze Capability
    3)Proactive and Initiative.”

    “ICC Georgia is an organization which caters for all businesses, doing business in Georgia, on equal basis irrespective of the origin of the Company, or the citizenship of their owners. The well established connections of the management with local governmental and business personalities and structures lets the problems to be aired and discussed at various forums and levels for optimum solution.”

    “ICC Georgia is a national committee of International Chamber of Commerce which is the leading business organization in the world. Moreover national committees from different countries can easily communicate with each other and connect business people from various states. ICC Paris is elaborating the standard terms and clauses for international trade and business transactions that are implemented and promoted in the states through the national committees. Consequently ICC Georgia is the most reputable business organization in Georgia.”

    “1) All members have equal say and equal voting rights.
    2) Most vocal publicly
    3) Awesome people
    4) Best CSR in action.”

    “ICC is the most active among others. Government values and takes into consideration ICC Geogia's voice since it has majority of international organizations active in Georgia as its members.”

    “Strong leadership and willingness to unquestionably support its members.”

    “ICC Georgia is more friendly and professional than any other business organization.”

    “ICC Georgia and its leadership is more upfront and frank.”

    “Benefits of ICC Georgia membership are really valuable. As a university, our main concern is to provide opportunities for career advancement for our students. With the help of ICC Georgia, our students are involved in business-related activities, meet practitioners from the business world, establish contacts which will help them build their careers, and receive business news and updates. This way they complete their academic knowledge that they receive at IBSU.”

    “ICC Georgia is more independent in expressing its views regarding every issue which becomes important in the country. ICC Georgia also gives more freedom to its committees to carry out their activities and more room to its members to express their opinions and ideas.”

    „What differentiates ICC Georgia from others is that ICC Georgia works closely with the government and brings the issues which are of particular interest of businesses, without being afraid of criticism from the government side.”

    “ICC Georgia is not linked to any country interests or business community, it is independent and authentic.”

    “ICC is better than other business organizations because it is more active and updated to the latest development in the country's economy and also serious and helpful in informing businesses.”